Spectrum SEN services provide help and support to both young children with special educational needs (SEN) and their families. Our services are completely bespoke and individualised as we fully appreciate that not ‘one cap' fits all.

We believe in teaching and developing our students, creating tailor-made educational plans that encompasses their strengths and interests. This method has proven to be successful in aiding engagement, development and making learning fun! 

Our highly experienced consultants specialise in supporting individuals from start to finish, ensuring they reach their full potentials, equipping them with the foundations required to build on - to successfully pave the way to unlock the door for future opportunities and achieving their aspirations.

Our consultants are devoted to making a difference in supporting SEN children and realise the barriers and challenges that families go through to best support their children. Spectrum Sen's dedicated team are here to support both the students and their families every step on the way!

Each student will be assigned a tutoring consultant who will meet, discuss EHCP needs and options, before making sure all parties are happy with the devised educational plan. We want to help our SEN children become more independent, and more resilient by helping them identify their triggers, and teaching them how best to manage them.

  Our education, social development and life skills programmes is key in preparing them their next chapter of life or a further educational provision.

We specialise is working with children with ASD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia Dispraxia and children with complex overlaps.

Our company director has a background in psychology and has over 20-years’ experience in special educational needs. Along with supporting families and young children in various schools across the South East, she has first-hand experience living with her own SEN children, (now teenagers) that identify with ASD, ADHD, Depression, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Speech and language needs, Development delay and sensory difficulties.

With many sleepiness nights and lots of failed school placements she made it her mission spending years studying and researching ways to understand the world 'as her children saw it' in order to best understand and help them.

She now puts her knowledge to good use by supporting and training others. It is her aim to provide our young students with a better understanding of 'self' and boost self-awareness and self-esteem. She believes in children being able to express themselves freely, find their own identity and have the power to be autonomous.

We incorporate a hands-on kinaesthetic learning to gain real-world and life skills - which builds confidence, that they will use daily for the rest of their lives. Our holistic approach promotes young minds, wellbeing and develops trusting rapports.

Spectrum SEN has been formed to help and support young people and their families to achieve their goals. Our friendly and nurturing team work closely with parents, children, and local councils, ensuring the best possible support is provided.

We believe in the personal approach and collaborate with a variety of professionals and therapists. All of our consultants are highly compassionate and experienced in supporting young people with SEN, fully DBS checked and safeguard trained. funding is generally granted by local councils through EHCPs or personal budgets, however, please do get in touch if you are in the process of applying for this, or you would like to use our services privately.

All services are tailor made to each individual, we accommodate both full and part-time placements. We welcome parents, schools, colleges, and local councils to make enquires to discuss the needs of any individuals requiring support.